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In his consulting practice, Greg is a TV News Contributor, author of 6 books (working on # 7), and an internationally known speaker on the topics of Negotiation, Reading Body Language, and Emotional Intelligence as it relates to negotiating. He is a client focused, results oriented and outcome-based team player that will enhance, enrich, entertain, and embolden an organizer and meeting planner’s events.
When Greg speaks to audiences he brings them to life with his energetic and insightful style of delivery and knowledge. As such, audience members have later commented that they were able to use Greg’s insights the moment they left his presentation.
Having Greg speak about how anyone can negotiate better, while discussing how to read body language to enhance the process, is like getting a guaranteed return on your investment. He teaches attendees new negotiation strategies, along with methods to deliver those strategies, to become more effective when negotiating. The insights he delivers about how and what to observe when reading body language and nonverbal communication is legendary.
Greg is known as The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert and he’s been in business since 1993.  He has negotiated many multi-million-dollar deals, on behalf of his clients.

Greg’s Programs

How To Out Maneuver any Negotiator and Win
In this dynamic presentation, Greg highlights the negotiation tactics that savvy negotiators need to know. He discusses how a negotiator increases or decreases her chances of having a successful negotiation outcome based on the way she positions herself and the opposing negotiator. He discusses … 
· How to identify the 4 negotiator types of opposing negotiators
· How to adopt the right mindset that’s needed in order to be properly prepare for the negotiator type you’ll be negotiating with and why that’s important
· How to adopt the ‘right’ persona before, during and after the negotiation to assure the covenants of the negotiation are abided to
· The Emotional Intelligence that you must possess per the way you see the negotiation
· How to identify the power players and ‘call them out’ so you know the force of what you’re negotiating against
How to Read Body Language To Win More Negotiations
In every aspect of our life, we observe signals that move us to action. During a negotiation, such signals can be manifested subliminally or they can be conscious. In this presentation, Greg gives attendees how-to about …
· Reading Body language signals that are real or contrived
· Why it’s important to be able to identify ‘clusters’ of body language gestures (hint: clusters validate one’s perception of perceived body language)
· 7 Micro Expressions the are generic to everyone on planet (they last for less than 1 second) and why knowing what to look for will give you invaluable insight into a negotiator’s mind
· How to project a more positive or weaker persona based on the way you use your body language
· The word choices you use to appear more credible to the opposing negotiator and the impact it has on your nonverbal communication
How To Turn the Tables on Bullies When Negotiating
Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, as does the way they think. They manifest themselves in corporate cultures and everyday life. From attempts to bully people in the boardroom to the breakroom, one must understand the mindset of a bully before attempting to negotiate with him. In this presentation, Greg discusses …
· How to identify a bully’s emotional intelligence per the source of motivation (doing so allows insight as to how to begin dealing with a bully)
· 7 ways to make a bully feel less powerful in a negotiation 
· Why you should never leave a bully feeling cornered, unless it serves your purpose
· How to utilize the ‘Pincer Moves’ and ‘Contending Model’ to sway a bully during negotiations
· How to use misdirection and distraction techniques to enhance the bully’s perception of you and your negotiation abilities