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A native of the city that gave us Rocky, cheesesteaks and Independence Hall, Jim “Mr. Energy” Smith, Jr. CSP, is a lightning rod in the motivational speaking, professional development and training areas. The personal empowerment expert has “JIMPACTed” audiences of all sizes around the globe, helping them transform, embrace uncertainty and set new standards of excellence in the areas of personal empowerment, leadership and audience engagement. Jim has the rare ability to walk the line between direct and encouraging. Having written three books, co-authoring another, he’s on a quest to help every leader, trainer, facilitator or speaker that works with him take their skills BEYOND the next level.

Jim’s Programs

Present Like a Pro:

Thoughts, ideas, tools and stories on how to become an authentic, enthusiastic and purposeful presenter. During this presentation participants examine methods to get their audience members to hear their message, see their message and feel their message. You’ll also receive tips for audience engagement, how to bring boring content to life and how to be a more effective storyteller.

From Average to Awesome:

Both average and awesome are mindsets. During this high energy presentation focus, perseverance, perspective, dealing with change and courage are reinforced. In this this world this world change is a constant. In organizations change is inevitable. And in life change and breathing have a lot in common – if you’re not doing either you’re probably not living. This presentation shows you how to live – not exist.

No Excuses:

Based on the book, The No Excuse Guide to Success:  No Matter What Your Boss or Life Throws at You, this presentation focuses on personal power, responsibility and accountability.  Tools to eliminate playing the “blame game” and to refrain from right-fighting are also discussed.  This message is a simple one – own your choices or own your stuff.  You will examine the power of embracing uncertainty, vulnerability and possibility thinking.

Who's Directing Your Movie?:

Using four elements of a movie (i.e., good guys and bad guys, drama, love and action) you’ll review methods to take control of and direct your movie (i.e., your life – personally and professionally). Everyday brings new challenges and new possibilities. We have to be purposeful and intentional with a “whatever it takes” mindset. This presentation will help you do just that as you star in and direct your own movie. And we will even teach you to write a phenomenal script.​