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If you are interested…open… and ready to improve your team’s success, then Jim Pancero has answers for you. The proven selling philosophies, processes and structures Jim shares all have just one goal…to increase your personal “Powerhouse Selling Advantage.” The leading-edged ideas Jim shares have been researched, validated and fine-tuned through his over 30 years influencing and guiding top performers selling higher priced and/or competitively complex distribution materials, large equipment, or business services. Jim has conducted extensive work within the agricultural industry including training over 3,500 John Deere dealer team members in the US and Canada.

Even during a sixty-minute keynote, Jim’s combination of humor and real-world examples provides even experienced audience members who think they’ve heard it all before and are convinced there’s nothing new in sales with immediately implementable concepts that work. Jim’s proven concepts center on showing you ways to strengthen the messaging and positioning of your uniqueness and value, gaining more control of your selling processes, and strengthening your leadership team’s abilities to coach and lead in today’s hyper-competitive economy and global marketplace.

Jim’s background includes being a top performer selling large computer systems for the Data Processing Division of the IBM Corporation. During Jim’s prestigious IBM career he earned several awards including the coveted “Golden Circle” designation annually awarded to the top 5% of their international sales force.

Since founding his sales training and consulting company in 1982, Jim has conducted over 3,100 speeches, in-depth seminars or consulting days for more than 600 companies in over 80 different industries. Over 90% of Jim’s clients have utilized his ideas and services more than once. Jim has also been recognized by the National Speakers Association having earned their CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation and been inducted into their Speakers Hall of Fame. This combined honor has only been awarded to less than 3% of their 3,500 professional members.

“We know you’re good. Now the only question is…are you ready to get even better?”

Jim’s Programs

“Winning in Today’s Hyper-Competitive Reality - Are You Ready To Get Even Better?”

Your competitors are effective selling pros with a solid set of existing customers, offering proven products at a very competitive price. Are you just trying to do things right to increase your competitive edge…or are you really working on the right things that will grow your sales and profitability? Good is no longer good enough. This program will share with you the four best steps you can take right now to lead your sales team to building, and then maintaining a stronger competitive advantage. A detailed electronic workbook/action guide will be provided to help you take these ideas back to your sales team. Are you and your team ready to get even better?

“Will You Be Able to Attract The Best Millennials to Your Sales Team?”
Where are you finding the best people to add to your team? How competitive will you and your company look so they also want to choose you? The Millennial generation (Age 20 to 39) is replacing your retiring “Baby Boomers.” Learn the different motivations, interests and opportunities you and your company have as you replace “Boomer’s” with “Millennials.” Learn how a different leadership philosophy and approach can maximize the performance of your next generation sales team.
(And not for publication…) This presentation focuses on three key points:
1) Understanding the different values of the different generations so attendees see the differences in the motivations of Millennials (under 40 years old) vs Boomers. If you understand how they got the way they are you can better understand how to best guide and motivate them.
2) The challenge for your attendees is they now have a sales coaching and management structure set up to maximize their independent “Baby Boomer” sales team (“My door is always open – call me if you need me”). But Millennials demand active coaching and guidance. They also want more frequent help and direction from their manager. Your attendees will learn how they can change their basic approach to sales coaching and management to better attract, and then motivate the new Millennials (under 40 years old) joining your team.
3) Understanding the four specific actionable steps they can take home to use with their sales team.