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David Newman, CSP is a high-energy, high-content marketing speaker, the author of the #1 bestseller, Do It! Marketing and the creator of The Speaker Profit Formula, the widely-respected flagship mentoring program on the business of speaking. David works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as thought-leaders and generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects and BIGGER sales.

David’s background overlaps three key areas. First, David has worked inside organizations as the client; he has also worked as a speaker and consultant himself for Fortune 500 companies; and finally, he’s helped over 500 speakers, authors, consultants, and experts raise their game and deliver their highest value.

Sitting on all three sides of the table, you learn a thing or two!Of the hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs and groups David has worked with, almost all agree that their best prospects and clients are the ones that have “come to them.” Is this magic? No, it isn’t. It’s the power of thought-leadership marketing — and that happens to be what we DO!

David has always worked at the intersection of speaking, marketing, and professional services. David worked for global professional services firms like Towers Perrin and software maker PeopleSoft (back when they were #6 on Fortune’s Best Places to Work list) as well as a 70-person IT consulting firm and a $7 million publishing and training company where he served as the Vice President of Product Development and produced more than 160 events per year.

David also produces conferences and events so he’s intimately familiar with what you are up against in ensuring a home run event for your members, team, company, or association.

David has also been privileged to serve in leadership positions at some of the top associations of thinkers, writers and speakers including the National Speakers Association (NSA) and American Society of Training and Development (ASTD). As a speaker himself, in addition to having presented over 600 corporate programs since 1992, David has had the privilege to present over 100 programs all across the US and Canada to national and local meetings of NSA, CAPS, ASTD, IMC (management consultants), The Consultants Forum, SHRM, ICF (coaches), and Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI).

If you’re in the business of marketing your smarts (hint: you are!), then David Newman is the speaker to hire to help you maximize, monetize, and multiply your audience’s reach and revenue.

David’s Programs

This is a high-energy, high-content program designed for the new world of business where creativity, focus, and clarity are your most potent entrepreneurial tools. You’ll never do marketing the same way after experiencing this game-changing seminar. After this program, you will be able to:
  • Grow your business in any economy by implementing 17 instant-action marketing strategies, tactics, and tools
  • Boost quality and quantity of incoming leads by increasing your visibility, credibility and “buy-ability”
  • Attract more and better clients by making small changes to your positioning, articulation, and distinction
  • Accelerate your revenue growth by shifting your marketing engine into high gear
  • Consistently win against bigger, meaner, and better-funded competitors
Audiences: Business owners who want to grow their business and professionals who want to sell more products and services. Also: Conference keynotes, Association meetings, and Chambers of Commerce.
Customization Options: Alternate titles are “Breakthrough Marketing Mastery” or “17 Rules for the New World of Marketing”
Program Length: This program can be customized from 60-90 minutes (keynote) to half-day, full-day, and 2-day formats.
David will show you how to build your business and increase your visibility, credibility, and buy-ability! Use 17 specific strategies for boosting your influence, impact and income as a thought-leading executive or entrepreneur. Extensive handouts will be provided. In this high-content, high-impact program, marketing expert David Newman will give you the strategies, tactics, templates and tools to increase your marketing success.
As a result of attending this program, participants will learn:
  • 17 step-by-step strategies for increasing your magnetism, credibility, and marketability as a person/company of value
  • What buyers, prospects and customers really look for when making buying decisions
  • Re-ignite your career, business or professional practice by building your “Thought Leadership Platform”
  • How to rapidly make subtle changes in your own positioning, packaging, promotion, and performance to dramatically boost your business
  • Unlock a steady stream of new prospects, clients, and customers who are already seeking solutions to the pains, problems, heartaches, and headaches that you’re brilliant at solving.
Social media and digital marketing is NOT enough. But relying on offline strategies isn’t going to work to meet your marketing goals, either.
The answer lies in a hybrid approach, combining digital and direct marketing strategies – and leveraging the power of each to punch through the noise, deliver a value-first message, and establish you and your organization as the obvious choice in front of your target consumers, customers, clients, influencers and decision-makers. As a result of this program, your audience will be able to:
  • Answer 7 key questions to laser-focus on the buyers you serve best and want to serve most
  • Increase your visibility, credibility and “buy-ability”
  • Position yourself as a problem-solver, not a peddler, so you never need to compete on price again
  • Attract more and better prospects by making rapid yet subtle changes to your A&D (Articulation and Distinction)
  • Consistently close bigger and better deals in any economy – even against larger, meaner, and better-funded competitors
You could be the best at what you do in the world, but if no one knows who you are, then you’ll spend your days in professional frustration, marketing overwhelm, and sales burnout. In this program, you will get actionable tools, templates, and strategies to launch – or relaunch – your business or career toward its next level of success by following the marketing mantra, “Offer value, invite engagement.”
This program is especially powerful because it’s about “fusion marketing.” What does that mean? It means the combination of Marketing PLUS Sales PLUS Business Development. Nail one or two of these and you’ll do OK. Nail all three and you’ll dominate your marketplace and skyrocket your success.
What your attendees will take away from this fast-paced, content packed seminar:
  • The four levels of marketing: Strategies, initiatives, tactics and action steps and how to sort them out for your own business so you stop “spinning your wheels”
  • What 80% of executives and entrepreneurs miss that causes marketing overwhelm and sales burnout
  • Why you will get more and better results by doing LESS marketing than you’re doing today
  • How to laser-focus your marketing so that you get up each day knowing EXACTLY where to invest your time, energy and efforts
  • Scripts, templates and tools you can use immediately to do a better job of marketing and grow your business NOW