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For the past 16 years, Lesley Everett has been solely focused on providing the very best techniques to create authenticity of your corporate brand with personal branding. She is the CEO of Walking TALL Training & Consulting, Inc. and has presented her Walking TALL Methodology in 26 countries across 5 continents to date, including Iran, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, and frequently in Europe and North America.

She is a published author of 3 books (latest Corporate Brand Personality – Kogan Page, 2016). Companies who have trusted Lesley include Microsoft, Cisco, Marriott Hotels, JetBlue, ASDA-Walmart, HSBC, RSM & Salesforce, where she has worked with senior executives to create personality in their corporate and personal brands.

Lesley has been interviewed many times on broadcast media around the world including Bloomberg, BBC News, Sky News, CNBC and CNN for her expertise and views on top personal brands in business.

She is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of UK (CSP) and a member of the celebrated Hall of Fame (PSAE), being the first female to receive this prestigious award. Lesley is British and is now based in California.

Lesley’s Programs

Creating trust, respect & authenticity in your corporate brand

Based on my book Corporate Brand Personality, I will focus on the alignment of people behaviors with your corporate brand messaging, reducing potential brand risk to your business. I will cover what creates authentic personality in the brand, and how leaders and employees in your business can develop their unique personal brand and profile that creates what I believe is a new wave of branding.

  • Why and how personality of the corporate brand impacts the bottom line
  • Where some companies fall short and create unintentional risk
  • How to create a culture of authenticity, trust and respect from the Executive Team down
  • Reinforcing strong values in the business
  • Gaining clarity of your own personal and leadership brand, and increasing your authentic visibility
  • Ideal for leadership, management and sales conferences
Brand ME

Executives, leaders and employees need to manage their career more like an entrepreneur than ever before and create a strong brand for themselves that allows them to take control of their personal development, their profile and visibility.

Using core elements of my proven Walking TALL system, I will deliver a structured and practical set of principles for developing your personal brand in business.

A fun, inspiring session that has attendees buzzing with eagerness to get brand feedback and get started on polishing their authentic personal brand.

Ideal for careers, personal development, leadership and sales conferences