As a critically acclaimed speaker, author, subject matter expert, and media resource, Mike Domitrz has been inspiring individuals with his passion, playfulness, and energy for over two decades.

Audiences constantly rave about what a lasting impact he has – both through his unique approach and how he leaves each person with specific skill sets they can implement immediately into their own lives.

Mike became known for originally founding and growing The DATE SAFE Project, an organization focused creating a culture of respect and consent globally amongst people of all ages; in businesses, our communities, educational institutions as well as the U.S. military.

Today, Mike is one of the leading experts for transforming our culture to one being built on consent and respect. His ability to share powerful emotional moments (both serious and hilariously funny) while giving audiences realistic “How To” SKILLS to implement in their lives and their business is what separates Mike’s message from other experts.

Contact us today and discover why Mike is known as a unique combination of provocateur and advocate and change-maker.

Mike’s Programs

Can I Kiss You?

Shift the paradigm for the lives of those you lead …from a “Don’t” Perspective to a “How To” – the respectful way!
When choosing a speaker, your audience wants to be entertained and your organization wants an expert who will make a positive and long lasting impact. Everyone wants a compelling and powerful training each person can relate to in a meaningful manner.

This training by Mike Domitrz is one of the most sought-after trainings focused on creating a culture of respect. Each year, this training is delivered hundreds of times to tens of thousands of all people ranging from middle school, high school, and college students to leadership in the US Military.

Perfect for:
·         Military members of all ranks, civilians, staff and dependents
·         University students and staff
·         Organizations that care about creating a culture of consent and respect.

Key Takeaways: In this 45 to 60 minute program attendees gain “How To” Skills for:
·        Asking First for Consent.
·        Building healthier intimate relationships – whether you are single or married 40 years.
·        Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault.
·        Intervening when Danger is Present at Parties and Group Settings when alcohol is present.
·        Creating a Cultural Shift.

The MISSION is Transformation

Repeatedly sharing statistics concerning sexual violence and telling people “What Not To Do” results in individuals quickly having Training Fatigue (add-in PowerPoint and the fatigue rises to levels of complete disengagement).
What is needed? A cultural transformation in how the military, campuses, and organizations discuss sex, respect, consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors.

In this briefing, subject matter expert, Mike Domitrz, will:
·        Uncover the current dangers organizations are failing to properly address that have lead our society being what it is today.
·        Share insights and specific skill sets for creating long-term cultural transformation toward respect, sex, consent, bystander intervention, supporting survivors, and the language we use.
·        Reveal simple, inclusive techniques that everyone can immediately use – including people of all ages, leadership levels, sexual orientation, gender, and identity.4

Perfect for:
·         Military Command, Leadership (Senior Enlisted, Officers), Program Advisors, SARCs, SAPR, SHARP, and interested personnel.
·         University leadership and departments focused on reducing sexual violence (Athletics, Residence Life, Student Life, Greek Life, Gender Studies, and more).
·         Large organizations who are passionate about their team members living consensual and respectful relationships.

Key Takeaways:
·         Discover why having a “Fun, Sex Positive Discussion” is essential. Equally important, find out how exactly how to have that discussion in an appropriate manner.
·         Gain unique insights, precise steps, and effective strategies for TRANSFORMING the culture within your organization toward having verbal consent as the norm, eliminating double-standards, increasing bystander intervention, and dramatically reducing rape from happening.
·         Overcome challenges and barriers leaders are facing. Domitrz will work with the entire group on specific issues/concerns. Bring questions with you into this briefing. Prepare to share what you are you sick of hearing about in trainings focused on reducing sexual assault. Bring up concerns you are having about the efforts to reduce unhealthy relationships in your organization.

Education through Engagement

Length = 1 to 5 days of full day trainings

Have you noticed how often university students, military members and civilians dread going to training programs which address sexual assault, mental health, alcohol, drugs, and other vitally important topics? To make matters worse, often the participants close their minds as soon as PowerPoint slides begin to appear.

The “Education through Engagement” workshop will help you engage your members in a fun, powerful, thought-provoking manner which gets them making positive behavioral changes upon leaving the training.

In this interactive, educational briefing lead by Mike Domitrz, you’ll discover:
·        Call & Response Audience Engagement
·        Story Telling
·        Humor, especially when discussing sensitive topics.
·        Handling the Heckler (your challengers in the room)
·        Ongoing Audience Conversation
·        Creating Positive Behavioral Changes for Audience and much more…

Perfect for:
·         Military: those interested in improving as a trainer, including Program Advisors, Trainers, SARCs, SAPRs, SHARPs, Military members of all ranks, civilians, staff, and dependents.
·         Colleges: Counselors, Peer Educators, Peer Support Specialists, Resident Life Leadership, Wellness Staff, Greek Life Leadership, Athletic Leadership and Peer Educators.
·         Individuals and professionals who have a passion for sharing with others  – to help you deepen your skill set for connecting with unique and/or challenging audiences.
·         Organizations who want their trainers to receive as much training as possible to make the big and longest lasting impact in each training they give.

Key Takeaways:
·        Have Mike share the secrets he’s learned from over 20 years of speaking to groups of all sizes — including as small as 5 people to over 5,000 people at once. Bring lots of questions. Mike LOVES to help through sharing.
·        A refreshing and powerful format to teaching leaders, trainers, and educators how to facilitate thought-provoking conversations, programs, and presentations on peer education, healthy intimacy, and/or sexual assault.
·        How to take a simple approach to tough questions from your audience
·        How to handle difficult situations with all genders and identities – including how to discuss “all sides” of their concerns
·        Being Passionate and Playful: the secret to creating a balance of careful and effective use of humor verses hard-hitting questions.