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In today’s hyper-connected, social media-driven marketplace, the intersection of employee brands and business brands is undeniable, and Sima Dahl is one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the explosive personal branding and social selling industry. She combines 20 years as a corporate marketing executive with another ten pioneering the personal branding industry to teach executives from Boston to Budapest how to forge a strong personal brand, raise their visibility within, and exponentially increase their influence. Global leaders from such brands as Microsoft, Harley Davidson, Orbitz, Walgreens, BMO Harris Bank, and United Airlines rely on Sima and her Sway Factor™ system to accelerate sales, engage high potential staff, and transform every employee into an online brand advocate.

Sima calls herself America’s Personal Branding Champion™, but her clients call her captivating, a breath of fresh air, and the “first person to make sense of all this social media madness.” If you want practical solutions from a straight-shooter with a heavy hint of irreverence, Sima delivers. She is one of just 340 women to earn her Certified Speaking Professional designation, and her book “Sway: How to Earn the Right of First Refusal” will be published next year.

Sima’s Programs

Sway: How to Transform Every Employee into an Online Brand Ambassador

There is no shortage of so-called experts talking about the intersection of employer and employee brands, but by and large, it’s bunk! A 20-year marketing executive and recovered job-seeker herself, Sima Dahl will challenge conventional wisdom and demonstrate how launching a strategic Personal Branding initiative within your organization can elevate your corporate brand, retain key staff, engage high potentials, and fill your talent funnel. Far more than random tactics, Sima will share the business belief system every talent professional needs to sway leadership, develop a sustainable employer brand initiative, and roll-out programming that will have every employee chomping at the bit to get on board.

Accelerate: How to Generate Referrals and Drive Sales with Social Selling

We buy from people we know, like, and trust, that’s nothing new. But with B2B sales cycles growing longer and marketing spend stretched to the limit, how can you accelerate the speed at which customers get to know, like, and trust your company?

With outdated selling tactics such as cold calling completely ineffective, and content marketing costs on the rise, companies no longer have the luxury of ignoring the art and science of Social Selling. Today, savvy buyers turn to social media to get peer recommendations and pre-qualify companies. Prospects expect you to find them, learn about them and engage with them online. And sales teams that leverage Social Selling outperform those that don’t, period. In this no-fluff presentation, Sima Dahl shares her top strategies to put the power of social into your sales. Don’t let your sales team knock on even one digital door until they learn the Sway Factor™ system from Sima.