Category: Emotional Intelligence

Dean Savoca, M.Ed., BCC, CSP

Dean Savoca, M.Ed., BCC, CSP™ is the performance development partner for leaders who want highly-effective teams that are focused, aligned and inspired. Simply put, Dean helps leaders coach their people. Dean combines a 12-year career in the hospitality industry with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Performance and Change, and has spent the last 14 years speaking, training and coaching on leadership and development. He helps participants identify the core issues they face daily that impact performance development, people management and team alignment – and rallies them to action, often right there in the room. The result is a better bottom line –boosted by improved performance, higher productivity, and more cohesive teamwork. Dean is a board-certified coach, and has conducted 10,000 executive coaching sessions. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional™, conferred by the National Speakers Association, and actively involved in several industry associations.

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Greg Williams, CSP

Greg is a TV News Contributor, author of 6 books (working on # 7), and an internationally known speaker on the topics of Negotiation, Reading Body Language, and Emotional Intelligence as it relates to negotiating. He is a client focused, results oriented and outcome-based team player that will enhance, enrich, entertain, and embolden an organizer and meeting planner’s events.
When Greg speaks to audiences he brings them to life with his energetic and insightful style of delivery and knowledge. As such, audience members have later commented that they were able to use Greg’s insights the moment they left his presentation.

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