Category: Conflict Resolution

Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE

Phillip Van Hooser helps organizations equip, empower and inspire the performance of their greatest strategic asset — their people!

From FORTUNE 500 manufacturing, community banking, and boardroom roles, Phil delivers relevant, workable strategies that prepare emerging and experienced leaders to engage, motivate and lead multi-generational workforces.

Top U.S. companies including ExxonMobil, Reebok and AmeriGas and small-town organizations alike have embraced Phil’s approach to personal leadership, employee motivation, team building and communication.

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Greg Williams, CSP

Greg is a TV News Contributor, author of 6 books (working on # 7), and an internationally known speaker on the topics of Negotiation, Reading Body Language, and Emotional Intelligence as it relates to negotiating. He is a client focused, results oriented and outcome-based team player that will enhance, enrich, entertain, and embolden an organizer and meeting planner’s events.
When Greg speaks to audiences he brings them to life with his energetic and insightful style of delivery and knowledge. As such, audience members have later commented that they were able to use Greg’s insights the moment they left his presentation.

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